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New Member Integration at Shadow Wood

How do I get involved as a Shadow Wood member?

One of the most important parts of the new member experience is meeting other members. Here are some ways that Shadow Wood helps facilitate this process to ensure our new members are quickly integrated into the Shadow Wood lifestyle!

Ambassador Program

All new members are paired with a Club Ambassador who is a current member at Shadow Wood. Both new members and Ambassadors complete a member interest form, and pairings are selected based on similar interests and demographics. The role of a Club Ambassador is to make sure new members are getting into golf games, comfortable attending events such as happy hour, meeting other members, and simply making sure they feel like you belong from the first day of membership at Shadow Wood!

New Member Events

Throughout season, numerous Club sponsored events are designed specifically for new members to mingle and get to know each other. A complimentary new member mixer cocktail party is hosted each year in January to welcome all members who have joined over the last year along with the current Board of Directors and management team. A new member 9 & Dine outing, new member bocce clinic & social, and new member tables at our major social events are a sample of other ways to get involved in the many aspects of the Club.

Newcomers Club

The Newcomers Club welcomes all members who have joined in the last 24 months to meet monthly for an organized breakfast at the Club. Since forming in 2017, the Newcomers group has grown to over 50 attendees at the monthly breakfasts and has led to the formation of additional groups including a bike club, book clubs, and regular golf, tennis & bocce games.

Member Name Tags

All members have name tags which are usually worn at the Club’s social events. This helps to create an inviting atmosphere for new and current members alike. Name tags include home town/state and all new members have a special indicator on their tag to let other members know they are new to the club in an effort to encourage conversation.


The orientation is an important part of the integration process so that we can ensure new members have all of the information needed to enjoy the club. Orientations are conducted one-on-one with the Director of Membership and give new members a chance to ask us any questions they may have. We also have a special new member welcome gift including certificates for lessons with our Director of Golf and Director of Tennis.

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