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Shadow Wood Dinner Dances

The dinner dances that we host at Shadow Wood Country Club are always a favorite social event among our members. For our dinner dances, we have a special tribute artist or band put on a show for our members, accompanied by dinner, drinks, and dancing. Some artists we’ve had perform in the past have been tributes to Neil Diamond, The Eagles, Elton John, Disco, Rod Stewart, and more. This season we had some classic acts such as Rat Pack, Duos through the Decades, and coming up this month will be our Motown Music Dinner Dance featuring a Stevie Wonder tribute performance.

The format of the event has grown and expanded the last few seasons based upon the feedback we receive from our members in the Annual Member Survey. The survey provides an opportunity for our members to select which acts they would like to see, as well as provide their insight and suggestions into the stylization of the event overall. Dinner Dances began as a more formal concept, with lavish plated dinners in an intimate setting. With our Club’s membership and interests constantly evolving, the event has transitioned into a more casual atmosphere, with a delicious chef attended action station style dinner, and expanded area to allow 200-250 more members to partake in the evening. The recent transition has received very positive accolades from our membership. Our team is always looking for ways to improve the overall member experience at dining and social events, from the larger picture down to the finer details, which is why the annual survey is so important to keeping our events fresh and exciting time and time again.

These events are a joy for everyone involved- our team loves providing dinner dances for your enjoyment, our members love to let loose and have fun, and the artists enjoy providing a lively evening for our members, as well as paying tribute to some classic musical legends. Our Annual Member Survey is currently underway and includes a section for members to select which dinner dance entertainers they would like to see at the Club next season. Our team can’t wait to see what members select so we can bring you another exciting season of dinner dance opportunities next year!

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