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Shadow Wood Lettuce: Behind-the-Scenes Farm Tour

In this special Behind-the-Scenes video, Executive Chef Richard Crisanti takes us on a tour of East Fork Creek Gardens, a local aquaponics farm in Fort Myers, where they are growing fresh, organic artisan lettuce for Shadow Wood Country Club. Chef Rich took a trip to the farm to learn all about the processes in growing the lettuce, and the inner workings of the farm, and got to sample delicious fresh fruits and vegetables along the way. East Fork Creek’s aquaponic farming method uses less than 10% of the water used in conventional growing, and no pesticides, herbicides, GMOs or chemical additives are ever used in any step of the growth process. A top priority for our culinary team is to provide sustainable, unprocessed, locally grown ingredients straight from the farm to your table! We hope you enjoy the tour.

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