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Wine & Fine Dining at Shadow Wood

At Shadow Wood Country Club, we strive to provide our members with top notch dining experiences that are solely unique to our Club. Two of these highly regarded dining experiences are our Fine Food and Wine dinners and our Wine Tasting dinners. These dinners are held multiple times throughout season, each time reflecting a unique menu and eclectic wine pairings cultivated by the expertise of our Executive Chef Richard Crisanti and Director of Food and Beverage John St. John.

Our Fine Food and Wine dinners are comprised of various stations in our Calabria dining room. In this creative open kitchen concept, our Chef de Cuisine and Sous Chef prepare the evening’s menu live in front of your eyes. All stations are carefully crafted by our award winning Executive Chef Richard Crisanti, CEC, WCEC, CCA, ACE and his vastly talented culinary team. These stations are lively and interactive, where you can try multiple appetizers and talk with the Chefs regarding their dishes, their expertise and any questions regarding the cuisine and/ or its preparation. A special wine list is prepared to compliment Chef's menu, which provides excellent pairings to each course. Event attendance is set to allow a smaller crowd which creates an intimate, hands-on experience for our members to engage in and enjoy, accompanied by live, instrumental music.

“For each wine event, I meet with the wine vendors to hand select wines. Through this process, I determine which wines are best suited for that particular evening.” Said John St. John, Director of Food and Beverage.  “I tend to select wines from the Northwest region, generally from California, Oregon and Washington.”

Our Wine Tasting dinners are a remarkable event that feature over 80 wines from various vintners to be tasted, with an array of delicious hors d’oeuvres passed around for your enjoyment. During this event, you will have the opportunity to order any of the featured wines for your at-home consumption. For wine tasting dinners, the vendors that attend are the sommeliers for the evening, available to explain the different wines and answer any questions you may have. Their knowledge is helpful in determining which wines you would like based off your other favorites, as well as to give you the history behind the wines that you are tasting.

“When pairing the foods with wines, I taste the different options that John St. John has selected and pair together the most satisfying combinations.” Said Executive Chef Richard Crisanti. “White wines tend to pair well with fish or shellfish, while red wines go well with meats such as duck, lamb, or filet mignon. For dessert courses, usually a red wine or a dessert wine compliment the flavors best.”

If you enjoy indulging in fine dining and wine, Shadow Wood’s offerings would suit you well. The art of fine dining goes beyond delicious food and beverage; it aims to capture the perfect atmosphere, design, mood, and ambiance of the evening. Our Food and Beverage team goes above and beyond to continuously provide fresh, new, and lively culinary experiences for our members and their guests to enjoy. Bon Appetit!

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