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Indulge in Culinary Bliss: Shadow Wood Signature Wines Meet Golfside Grill Delight

At Shadow Wood Country Club, we are constantly striving to enhance the dining experience for our members and guests. Our Shadow Wood Signature Wines have been a cornerstone of our dining offerings, perfectly complementing items from the menu at the Golfside Grill. Crafted in partnership with Rutherford Wine Company, these wines embody consistent quality and showcase the true essence of California's premier grape-growing regions.

Let's take a moment to revisit our beloved Shadow Wood Signature Wines and rediscover their perfect pairings from our Golfside Grill Menu:

Shadow Wood Chardonnay:

AROMAS: Meyer lemon, pear, apple, vanilla, cinnamon
FLAVORS: Ripe pear, Meyer lemon, creamy butterscotch
FOOD: This elegant Chardonnay pairs beautifully with dishes such as our Shrimp Cocktail, Grilled Grouper Sandwich, and Macadamia Nut Crusted Grouper, enhancing the flavors and providing a refreshing balance.

Shadow Wood Cabernet Sauvignon:

AROMAS: Blackberry, black cherry, caramel
FLAVORS: Plum, blackberry, caramel
FOOD: Indulge in the rich flavors of our Cabernet Sauvignon with Wagyu Sliders, Angus Burger, Pappardelle alla Bolognese, or a succulent Pork Chop for a dining experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Shadow Wood Red Blend:

AROMAS: Dark plums, cherry, anise, vanilla, dried herbs
FLAVORS: Dark berries, plum, lingering spice
FOOD: The bold and robust character of our Red Blend complements hearty dishes such as our BBQ Baby Back Ribs, 7oz Filet, Prime Rib, and the Daily Butcher’s Cut, elevating each bite to new heights of satisfaction.

Shadow Wood Pinot Grigio:

AROMAS: Meyer lemon zest and spiced cinnamon pear
FLAVORS: Green apple and pear with bright acidity
FOOD: Our Pinot Grigio pairs exquisitely with our Fish & Chips, Seafood Scampi, Half Roasted Chicken, and the Daily Fresh Catch, enhancing the delicate flavors with its crisp and refreshing notes.


While our Shadow Wood Signature Wines have been cherished staples of our dining experience, we invite you to rediscover their exceptional qualities and indulge in the perfect harmony of wine and cuisine. Join us at the Golfside Grill and elevate your dining experience with Shadow Wood Country Club's timeless classics. Cheers to unforgettable moments and excellent flavors!

Introducing the Future of Leisure and Luxury: Our $22.5 Million Lifestyle Center

Architects Rendering of new Lifestyle Center, courtesy of AM Design Group.

We are thrilled to announce that our Members have voted to approve the building of a highly anticipated Lifestyle Amenity Center, with a projected cost of $22.5 mil. This landmark decision represents a significant investment in our Club's future and underscores our commitment to providing unparalleled amenities for our vibrant community.

The Lifestyle Amenity Center will enhance the member experience without any member assessment or increase in member costs. It will feature an array of world-class facilities designed to promote health, wellness, leisure, and social interaction. These essential amenities include:
  • Resort Style Pools with zero-depth entry, lap lanes, and dedicated kids pool
  • Poolside Restaurant & Bar
  • 6 Indoor Pickleball Courts
  • New Racquets Pro Shop
  • Grab & Go Cafe
"We are pleased by the overwhelming support from our Members for the Lifestyle Center project, which represents a significant milestone in our ongoing journey of enhancement and innovation," said Rich Butler, President of Shadow Wood Country Club. "This investment underscores our commitment to providing exceptional experiences and amenities that exceed the expectations of our valued members."

This visionary initiative is designed to enhance the member experience and attract future members seeking unparalleled amenities and a vibrant community atmosphere.

"Shadow Wood Country Club has always been known for its three championship golf courses," said Brian Bartolec, General Manager/COO of Shadow Wood Country Club. "We have renovated all three courses with renowned architect Rees Jones and have long-term master plans to ensure our members enjoy excellent playing conditions. By investing in state-of-the-art recreational amenities, we are positioning Shadow Wood Country Club as the premier choice for future members seeking a complete country club amenity package, in addition to exceptional golf."

The Lifestyle Amenity Center represents the next chapter in our evolution, offering current and future members a compelling array of amenities and experiences. In recent years, we have completed a series of successful renovation projects aimed at enhancing the member experience, including the addition of a new casual dining restaurant, expanded outdoor dining venues, a new golf shop, covered hitting bays with Top Tracer technology, and the renovation of all three golf courses under the direction of renowned architect Rees Jones.

Construction of the Lifestyle Amenity Center is scheduled to begin in early 2025, with anticipated completion in early 2026. The Lifestyle Amenity Center will further solidify our position as a premier destination for luxury living and recreation, offering our Members unparalleled opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and socializing!

Rolling Towards Wellness: The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Playing Bocce

As the Bocce Winter Playoffs kick off this week at Shadow Wood Country Club, the spotlight is on a sport that combines strategy, skill, and camaraderie. Bocce offers a unique combination of physical and mental health benefits that make it more than just a game. In this blog post, we'll explore how playing Bocce can contribute to your overall well-being.
Physical Exercise
Bocce may seem like a leisurely activity, but don't be fooled. Although it may not involve intense running or heavy lifting, it provides a low-impact form of exercise that engages various muscle groups. The act of throwing, bending, and walking to measure distances helps improve flexibility, balance, and coordination. It's an excellent option for individuals of all fitness levels, allowing them to stay active and enjoy the health benefits without putting excessive strain on joints.
Social Connection
One of the key aspects of Bocce is its social nature. Shadow Wood Country Club's bocce leagues are not just about the game itself; they're a social gathering where players connect, share laughter, and build lasting friendships. The game is often played in pairs or teams, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Regular social interaction has been linked to improved mental health, reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness. The bocce leagues at Shadow Wood provide the perfect setting for players to forge new friendships!
Mental Agility and Strategy
Bocce is a game of strategy and precision, requiring players to strategize and plan their shots. Players need to assess the terrain, consider the positions of opponents' balls, and plan their shots accordingly. This mental stimulation can enhance cognitive functions and contribute to improved problem-solving skills. Engaging in such activities is not only entertaining but also promotes a healthy mind.
Stress Reduction
The leisurely pace of Bocce, combined with the beautiful view overlooking the 18th hole on the South course, provides a tranquil environment that helps reduce stress. Taking a break from the demands of everyday life and immersing oneself in the game can be a therapeutic experience. The focus required for each throw and the friendly competition contribute to a sense of relaxation and mental well-being.
Inclusive and Accessible
People of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy the game, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, the adaptability of Bocce ensures that everyone can participate, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within the community. The controlled movements involved in playing Bocce can aid in rehabilitation efforts, promoting gentle exercise without causing excessive strain.

As the winter playoffs unfold at Shadow Wood Country Club, the true champions are not only those who emerge victorious on the court but also those who embrace the physical and mental health benefits that Bocce has to offer. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, the advantages of playing Bocce make it a winner for overall well-being. So, grab your bocce balls, step onto the court, and roll towards a healthier, happier you!

Fueling Your Swing: A Guide to Healthy Eating for Golfers

Golf is a game that requires both mental focus and physical endurance. To keep your swing in top form and maintain peak performance on the course, paying attention to your nutrition is key. Let us walk through the essential nutritional strategies for golfers, breaking it down into the crucial phases of before, during, and after your round.

Pre-Game Feast:
  • Hydration Matters: Start your day by hydrating adequately. Water is your best friend, ensuring you are mentally sharp and physically prepared. Consider incorporating electrolyte-rich drinks for added hydration, especially during the hot Florida summer.
  • Balanced Breakfast for Birdies: Fuel up with a balanced meal that includes complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Whole grain toast, eggs, and avocado or oatmeal with nuts and fruit are excellent options. This combination provides sustained energy and primes your body for the challenges ahead.
  • Timing is Everything: Aim to eat 2-3 hours before your tee time to allow for proper digestion. If you are pressed for time, you can stop at the Snack Bar and opt for a smaller snack like a banana or energy bar an hour before you start.
Fueling Mid-Round Success:
  • Stay Hydrated, Stay Sharp: Bring a water bottle and drink water consistently throughout the round. Remember to refill at the comfort stations during your round. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and a decline in focus, so make a conscious effort to maintain optimal fluid levels.
  • Smart Snacking on the Fairway: Choose easily digestible snacks like trail mix, energy bars, or fresh fruit. These options provide a quick energy boost without weighing you down. The Snack Bar has healthy options such as Kind Bars, 1st Tee Nutrition Bars, Fresh Fruit Smoothies, Bananas, & Apples.
Replenish & Recover: 
  • Post-Round Rehydration: Immediately after your round, prioritize rehydration. Drink water or a sports drink to replace electrolytes lost through sweat.
  • Protein-Packed Recovery: Within 30-60 minutes post-round, consume a meal or a snack rich in protein to aid muscle recovery. Grilled chicken, shrimp, or a plant-based protein option paired with vegetables and whole grains make excellent choices. The Golfside Grill has lunch options such as the Shrimp Cocktail, Fresh Fruit Platter with Cottage Cheese, the Wild Berry Salad, and the Grilled Grouper Sandwich, all of which are high in protein.
  • The 19th Hole Celebration: A post-round celebration is a time for indulging in tasty food, great drinks, and endless laughs with friends. You can still unwind without undoing your hard work on the course. Choose lean proteins, hydrating beverages, and nutritious snacks to refuel.
Nutrition is a game-changer for golfers, influencing both performance and recovery. By paying attention to what you eat and when you eat it, you can ensure that you are giving your body the fuel it needs to conquer the course and enjoy a long, successful golfing journey. Stop by the Golfside Grill and the Snack Bar for options that will complement your golf game before, during, and after your round. Cheers to great swings, birdies, and a healthy, well-nourished golfing lifestyle!

Celebrating National Tennis Professional Day: Meet our Shadow Wood Tennis Pros!

From Left to Right: Scott Harrington, Joel Hampton, Lee Williams, & Dave Dooley

As we raise our rackets high in celebration of National Tennis Professional Day, it is only fitting that we take a moment to shine a spotlight on the incredible Tennis Professionals who make our Shadow Wood Tennis community thrive. From coaching to competing, our Tennis Professionals are the backbone of our courts, inspiring players of all ages and skill levels. Join us as we introduce the dedicated and passionate professionals who bring the love of tennis to life at Shadow Wood.

Dave Dooley – Director of Sports

Dave Dooley joined the Shadow Wood team in 2002 and has been an active member of the United States Professional Tennis Association for over 30 years. Dave is from Seattle, WA and currently lives in Bonita Springs. Dave started playing tennis when he was 12 years old because he always wanted to be a professional athlete and, in Dave’s own words, “was too short to play basketball.” His biggest inspiration in tennis is his father, Raymond Dooley.

Dave earned his degree in Business Administration from Washington State University where he played on the Varsity Division 1 Tennis Team. In 2004, Dave was ranked #1 in Singles in the Men's USPTA Florida 40+ and was the Doubles Masters Champion USPTA Florida 35+. Dave has been ranked Florida USPTA Pro of the year two times.

Dave’s best tennis tip is to always move your feet and watch the ball to minimize unforced error.

Scott Harrington – Director of Tennis Instruction

Scott Harrington joined the Shadow Wood team in 2012 as an Assistant Tennis Professional and was promoted to Head Tennis Professional in 2013. Scott started playing tennis when he was 8 years old. His dad was a Tennis Pro in Jacksonville, Florida and sparked his passion to start playing. His biggest tennis inspiration is John McEnroe, American former tennis player.

Scott has been a member of the United States Tennis Professional Association (USPTA) for 30 years. Scott is also the seasonal Tennis Director at the Siasconset Casino Club in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Scott was an All-American tennis player at Palm Beach College and ranked #1 in the nation Men's USPTA Open Doubles. He is one of the top players in the area.

Scott’s best tennis tip is to hit the big target on the court when you are playing a match. It is human nature to hit the ball close to the lines and away from the opponent, but this often results in errors and lost opportunities. Instead, A serve to the middle of the service box usually ends up at the body of your opponent and causes all kinds of problems on the return of serve.

Joel Hampton – Assistant Director of Racquet Sports

Joel Hampton, USPTA is a Fort Myers native. He has been active as a tennis professional for over 17 years. Joel started playing tennis when he was just 6 years old and says he was watching Andre Agassi at Wimbledon on TV when he decided he wanted to start playing. Andre is still Joels biggest inspiration in tennis.

Joel has held the Tennis Director position at The Quarry Country Club in Naples and the Head Professional position at Gulf Harbor and Olde Cypress Country Clubs. He brings to Shadow Wood a wealth of experience and a fun upbeat personality. Joel is a veteran of the Fort Myers Pro League so Shadow Wood members will have a professional to support on Friday nights during the season.

Joel’s best tennis tip is to keep your eye on the ball. The longer you attempt to track the ball after it leaves your opponent's racquet, the better you can predict its path and put your strings on it.

Lee Williams – Head Tennis Professional

Lee was born in Atlanta and primarily raised on St. Simons Island, Georgia. Lee's journey in tennis began when he was 6 years old playing with his parents at the local level, gradually progressing to state, Southern, and National competitions during his formative years. Lee says he finally beat his parents when he was 12 years old. His tennis inspiration is his former coach, Pete Poole.

Lee attended Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, where he continued his passion and commitment to the sport. In 1993, he achieved certification with the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), solidifying his expertise and dedication to tennis coaching. Lee is certified in Cardio Tennis. Throughout his career, Lee actively participated in 7-8 tournaments annually until 2009. His remarkable achievements include attaining the impressive rank of #2 in Florida Men’s 35’s in 2009 and winning the USTA Bronze Ball Men’s 30’s in 2002. Lee has been an integral part of Country Clubs since 1999, contributing his expertise to clubs in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Recently, Lee worked as the Head Professional at Dothan Country Club in Dothan, Alabama, and then as the Head Professional at the Island Country Club on Marco Island.

Lee’s best tennis tip is to keep your wrist up on your volley. Any movement in the arm should come from the shoulder and to a lesser degree from the elbow joint.

The Pros say their favorite part about coaching/playing professionally is seeing the Members progress over time and the camaraderie that comes along with the tennis events we host here at Shadow Wood. When asked what their favorite surface to play on is, they all agreed that a clay court is the best because it is easier on your body and your joints, you can slide, and it is the highest quality surface to play on.

Their advice to aspiring players would be to play hard and have fun!


Shadow Wood Country Club's New Mocktail Menu Featuring Seedlip

At Shadow Wood Country Club, we're always attuned to our members' desires and the latest trends. Responding to your feedback and the evolving landscape of lifestyle choices, we're thrilled to introduce our new mocktail menu, curated in collaboration with Seedlip.

Seedlip is a first-of-its-kind non-alcoholic spirit that undergoes a meticulous distillation process like that of traditional liquor. What sets Seedlip apart is the removal of all alcohol post-distillation, resulting in a sugar-free, calorie-free, and allergen-friendly beverage.
From Seed to Sip: The Seedlip Production Journey
Sowing: It all begins with a single seed, representing the start of a journey towards crafting a unique and authentic taste.
Harvest: Ingredients are carefully picked and harvested at the optimal time to preserve flavor and aroma, ensuring a truly distinctive taste.
Distillation: Each botanical is individually distilled, employing various techniques, resulting in a collection of distilled botanical essences with unique flavor profiles.
Bottling: The finished blend is bottled and packaged, a testament to the dedication of the Seedlip team in creating a delicious non-alcoholic spirit.
Filtration: Microfiltration ensures a pristine liquid, free from impurities, ready for the final stage of production.
Blending: Careful blending of individual distillates creates a perfectly balanced flavor, making Seedlip stand out in the non-alcoholic beverage market.

To elevate your dining experience, we have curated mocktail pairings that complement our delectable menu:

Cosmo: Paired with Grilled Grouper Sandwich for a light, refreshing balance of citrus with flavorful fish.
Margarita: Matched with Grilled Romaine Salad for a classic margarita flavor that complements the tanginess of the salad.
Mojito: Perfectly balanced with Thai Lettuce Wraps or Thai Shrimp Curry, enhancing the citrus, mint, and sweetness with subtle spice.
Mimosa: Paired with the Omelet of the Week – the perfect brunch duo.
Grove & Ginger: Refreshing and complementary to Oakwilde Pizza's bright, salty flavors.

At Shadow Wood Country Club, we're thrilled to bring you this innovative mocktail experience. Seedlip represents a commitment to authenticity and quality, enhancing your social moments with nature-inspired refreshments. Join us in savoring the essence of Seedlip and elevating your dining experiences!

Discover the Joy of Bocce: A Beginner's Guide


Bocce, a timeless and social game that traces its roots back to ancient Rome, is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Between 2023 and 2023, our Bocce program at Shadow Wood increased by over 100 players. This year, the Shadow Wood Winter Bocce League has a total of 102 teams which amounts to over 700 players. This makes our Bocce program one of the largest in the country.

Whether you're a seasoned player or a complete novice, Bocce offers a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend time outdoors with friends and family. In this Bocce starter guide, we'll explore the basics of the game, how to play, and some tips to get you started on the path to becoming a Bocce master.

Bocce Basics: What You Need to Know

  1. The Playing Surface: Bocce is typically played on a flat, level playing surface, like a backyard, lawn, or a designated Bocce court. The standard court size is 60 feet in length and 8 to 13 feet in width.

  2. The Bocce Ball Set: A Bocce ball set consists of eight larger bocce balls and one smaller target ball called the "pallino." The larger balls are divided into two teams, each with four balls of the same color or pattern.

  3. Game Objective: The main goal of Bocce is to score points by getting your team's bocce balls as close as possible to the pallino. The team with the closest ball to the pallino at the end of each round scores points.

  4. Starting the Game: To start the game, one player tosses the pallino onto the court. Then, they throw their first bocce ball, trying to get it as close to the pallino as possible. The opposing team then takes its turn, aiming to place their balls closer to the pallino than their opponents.

Bocce Tips for Beginners

Understand Ball Control: Practice controlling the distance and direction of your throws to strategically position your bocce balls. Dave Dooley, our Director of Sports, says his most important tip for players when throwing the ball is to aim at the target, keep your arm straight, and move it like a pendulum while keeping your head still and your shoulders level. This will help improve your throwing accuracy.

Pallino Placement: When tossing the pallino, aim for a distance that adds challenge but allows players of all skill levels to participate.

Defensive Moves:
If your opponent has a ball close to the pallino, consider aiming to knock it away with your throw.

Team Strategy: Coordinate with your teammate to develop a strategy for each round, deciding which areas of the court to target.

Have Fun: Bocce is a game of skill, strategy, and camaraderie. Enjoy the social aspect and have fun while playing!

With these Bocce basics, you're ready to embark on your journey into the world of Bocce. Gather your friends and family, head to the Sunset Terrace, and enjoy the timeless joy of this classic game. May your throws be accurate, your strategy sound, and your Bocce experience unforgettable!

Kim Scott Triumphs at 2023 PGA National Club Championship

"Kim Keyer-Scott." Women’s Division Champions Crowned at 2023 PGA National Club Championship
PGA of America, www.pga.com

We are thrilled to share the incredible news of Shadow Wood Member, Kim Scott and her triumph at the 2023 PGA National Club Championship in Scottsdale, AZ. As a long-time member and the current Ladies Club Champion at Shadow Wood CC, Kim showcased her exceptional skill and determination on a national stage. The PGA National Club Championship brings together amateur club champions from across the country, all invited by their respective facility’s PGA of America Professional to compete in this event.

Despite trailing by seven shots, in a tie for sixth place, Kim demonstrated resilience in the final round, shooting an impressive 71 to capture the Women’s Senior Division title. In a field of talented club champions from different corners of the country, this victory adds another prestigious accolade to Kim’s remarkable collection including earning 2023 Florida State Golf Association (FSGA) Women’s Senior Player of the Year honor. In 2020, she was named Florida State Golf Association’s Women’s Senior Player of the Year. She also placed 3rd in the North & South Senior Amateur at Pinehurst Resort & Country Club, 7th in the Florida State Mid-Amateur, 3rd in the Ranking Series Tournament, 2nd in the Florida State Senior Amateur, and 1st in the prestigious WSGA Senior Amateur Championship. Kim has clinched an impressive 16 Club Championships, with a streak of 14 consecutive wins. Her only absence from winning was due to her participation in the FSGA Senior Championship in 2021, a competition she emerged victorious in.

With a final score of 9-over 224, Kim secured her triumph, finishing just one stroke ahead of the second-place contender, Kim Shek from Sahalee Country Club, and two strokes ahead of Susan West from NorthRiver Yacht Club. Her journey to the top of the leaderboard on the final day showcased her skill, marked by birdies on the par-5 456-yard 3rd and the par-3 144-yard 13th. Kim's final round of 1-under 71 was the lowest individual round in the Women’s Senior Division, highlighting her exceptional performance.

This victory not only underscores Kim's individual excellence but also brings honor to Shadow Wood Country Club. Let us join in congratulating Kim Scott on this remarkable achievement and look forward to more successes from our outstanding Members in the future.

SWCC Recognized as Elite Distinguished Club

Shadow Wood Country Club has earned the prestigious Distinguished Club award with a special “Elite designation”!

The Distinguished Club award is the only merit-based award program in the private club industry, and the only one that recognizes the club, its management and its staff for outstanding delivery of exceptional member experience. This is the most prestigious and respected designation a club can achieve. This award program is conducted by BoardRoom magazine, the official publication of the Association of Private Club Directors, and the most respected and influential magazine in the private club industry.

The Distinguished Clubs award program uses a club-specific rating system that recognizes the club, its management, and its staff based on a proprietary criteria and evaluation process that distills and measures a club's Member Experience. As defined by Distinguished Clubs, "Member Experience" is that special combination of "Qualities" that a private club provides its members. It is not just the quality of service, or of the facilities, or of the product provided, it is also the quality of the staff and of the management, as well as the overall club governance they deliver. This aspect was measured based on member feedback on an independent survey.

The full methodology included a committee nomination; a site visit with the General Manager, as well as other department heads; a formulaic audit based on compiled site-visit data; a confidential evaluation report; awards and recognition; and will require yearly verification.

In addition to achieving the Designated Club recognition, Shadow Wood was also awarded Elite Status. This prestigious designation is awarded to clubs that successfully provide a “world-class member experience”, measured by an extensive evaluation process, including: a superiorly trained staff, refined facilities, and is recognized in the top echelon of local and regional reputation. Most importantly, the award is presented to clubs that go above and beyond, creating lasting memories that make every experience exceptional. The Elite Designation is achieved by only 5% of the finest private clubs in the world.

Shadow Wood Patio Ranked #1 in Club & Resort Business

Shadow Wood’s outdoor patios expand over 11,000 square feet, seats more than 360 comfortably for dining, and has held over 500 for cocktail parties. Separated into 3 distinct but connecting areas, the Sunset Terrace offers members everything from comfortable lounge seating, bar seating, dining tables, and plush seating around 6 fire pits. Weekly outdoor entertainment on the Sunset Terrace brings members together to enjoy the beautiful Southwest Florida weather while watching the colorful sunsets. From the west end of the Sunset Terrace, Members can watch golfers finish the 18th hole of Shadow Wood’s South Golf Course or enjoy expansive views of the golf practice facilities from the south side while enjoying dinner under the sail shades.

Due to the increasing popularity of the outdoor spaces, Shadow Wood completed two patio renovations in the summer of 2022; one to expand the existing Sunset Terrace and a second to build a new patio area, The Player’s Patio.

The Sunset Terrace expansion more than doubled the seating capacity at the outdoor bar and expanded the covered area overlooking the 18th Hole and Bocce Courts to offer 40 more seats in the lounge area. The expanded area includes a raised viewing area to watch golfers on the 18th hole of the South Course or bocce matches. The viewing area offers bar stool seating and a drink rail for member’s convenience and enjoyment.

The Player’s Patio was built on the East end of the Clubhouse, adjacent to the Golf Shop and Locker Rooms and overlooks the Golf Practice Facilities. This new area was designed for gathering after a round of golf for cocktails and is also utilized for golf event scoring and private parties. It features two fire pits and seats 120 members in both covered and uncovered spaces.

With the completion of the patio expansion, Shadow Wood now serves as many meals outdoors as indoors 7 nights per week and is the most popular venue at the club for members to get together.


Shadow Wood Clubhouse Ranked #4 in Club & Resort Business

Over the past few years, Shadow Wood Country Club in Estero, Fla. has been evolving through a transformation process to completely renovate the club facilities. From style to functionality, no stone was left unturned.

The addition of the wildly popular Golfside Grill in 2019 was just the beginning. The 10,000 sq. ft. addition features a folding glass door system for all-weather enjoyment of expansive sunset and golf course views. The 260-seat casual dining space includes a large octangular bar and a second kitchen. Members enjoy a sushi bar, pizza oven and a built-in soup and salad buffet. A wall of nine 55” monitors together form one giant TV screen, in addition to 16 big screen televisions positioned throughout the space. The addition of the Golfside Grill led to an increase of 506% a-la-carte covers and a 181% increase in F&B revenues.

The renovations in 2021 included remodeling the ladies’ locker and card rooms, expanding and renovating the men’s lounge, converting the old golf shop into a multi-purpose room, building a new golf shop, and redesigned the bag drop and golf arrival areas. The goal was to increase member utilization by connecting the spaces intuitively, capitalizing on best exterior views, providing flexibility in utilization, and increasing operational efficiency.

The most notable part of the transformation was relocating the original 1,200 sq. ft. golf shop to a new 3,500 sq. ft. structure connected with covered walkways to the remodeled locker rooms. The new building overlooks the expansive golf practice facilities and redesigned cart staging area. This space offers unique retail opportunities unparalleled at most private clubs featuring more than 60 brands in a boutique style environment.

The Golf Shop has seen a 30% increase in daily traffic and is forecasting more than doubling annual merchandise sales as a result of a 50% increase in overall inventory levels and a 20% increase in categories of retail offerings.

The old golf shop was converted into a multi-function room for overflow card players during the day and private events at night. The interior design included built in wine storage displays and transformed the old golf shop into one of the most elegant flex spaces in the club.

The final phase of the transformation included expanding one outdoor patio and building a second. Members can enjoy comfortable lounge seating, bar seating, dining tables, and eight fire pits with weekly live entertainment while dining or enjoying a cocktail outside.

Upon completion of the West End renovations, Shadow Wood Country Club membership reached capacity for the first time in club history. New membership sales more than doubled and hit record highs in 2022 following the completion of the new Golf Shop and East End renovations.


Shadow Wood Releases New Private Label Wines

Shadow Wood Country Club has partnered with Rutherford Wine Company to bring wines that provide consistent, superior quality from harvest-to-harvest. The grapes are sustainably grown in premier California regions including Monterey County and Central Coast. Each wine is crafted to reflect true varietal character with a flavor profile perfect for everyday enjoyment. 

Shadow Wood Chardonnay
AROMAS: Meyer lemon, pear, apple, vanilla, cinnamon
FLAVORS: Ripe pear, Meyer lemon, creamy butterscotch
FOOD: Pair with seafood of all types including shellfish

Shadow Wood Cabernet Sauvignon
AROMAS: Blackberry, black cherry, caramel
FLAVORS: Plum, blackberry, caramel
FOOD: Pair with grilled meats, steak, heart pastas, or a juicy

Shadow Wood Red Blend
AROMAS: Dark plums, cherry, anise, vanilla, dried herbs
FLAVORS: Dark berries, plum, lingering spice
FOOD: Pair with BBQ ribs, steak, or prime rib

Shadow Wood Pinot Grigio
AROMAS: Meyer lemon zest and spiced cinnamon pear
FLAVORS: Green apple and pear with bright acidity
FOOD: Pair with a variety of seafood dishes, light pasta, arugula
pizza or roasted chicken

We are excited to elevate our Member's dining experience with our new wines!

Two Shadow Wood Employees Crowned Employee of the Year!

At the end of each year, the senior management team meets to deliberate on which Employee of the Month will receive the honor of Employee of the Year. This is the single highest honor an employee can receive and truly recognizes excellence. Winning this award requires punctuality, attention to detail, leadership, consistency, creativity, a true service heart, and a passion for inspiring others. It brings our management team great pride to be surrounded by many employees with these traits!

Employees of the Month set the example for other employees to strive towards in their work. Employees of the Year elevate everyone around them!

In 2022, we awarded 29 Employees of the Month. Due to this larger group, we decided to award two very deserving individuals as Employee of the Year. We are excited to announce the 2022 Shadow Wood Country Club Employees of the Year - Andrew Parfitt & Vickie McGarry!

Andrew Parfitt, Chef de Cuisine

"Since joining our team, Andrew has been promoted from Executive Sous Chef to Chef De Cuisine as well as achieving his CEC Certified Executive Chef certification. Andrew has worked very hard the past year and has proven that he is employee of the year worthy. Andrew was instrumental in the efforts to reopen the Club and restore normal operations after Hurricane Ian hit our area in late September. He is a vital part of our team and continues to raise the bar for our membership." - Richard Crisanti, Executive Chef

Chef Andrew joined the Shadow Wood Team in 2019 as Executive Sous Chef and was promoted to Chef De Cuisine in 2020. Prior to joining the Shadow Wood Team, Andrew was previously Executive Chef at the Golf Club of the Everglades and the Pelican Bay Foundation. Some of Andrew’s accomplishments include distinguished alumnus in 2013 and being inducted into WCCC’s culinary hall of fame in 2017.

Andrew is an active member of the American Culinary Federation and is a Certified Executive Chef, World Chef’s Certified Executive Chef, and Certified Culinary Administrator. He is a graduate of the ACF apprenticeship program. He holds an Associate’s Degree in culinary arts from Westmoreland County Community College in Youngwood, PA as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in culinary management from Le Cordon Bleu.

Andrew is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and moved to Florida in 2014. He resides in Fort Myers with his wife, Erica, and their two sons, Asher and Jaxon. Aside from culinary, Andrew has a passion for health and fitness and is a certified personal trainer, certified fitness nutrition specialist, and certified functional fitness specialist.

Andrew has been awarded Employee of the Month multiple times and now Employee of the Year! Andrew would like to thank the membership for their support and he truly appreciates the memories they have made together and continue to make.

Vickie McGarry, Director of Merchandise

“With the new Golf Shop opening this year, Vickie had numerous responsibilities added to her already busy workload. Just this year, both the merchandise sales and golf shop staff size have doubled in size. Vickie has faced the new challenges every day with an extremely positive attitude and has excelled in her position. Most importantly, Vickie has made the new Golf Shop a welcoming environment for the membership and an enjoyable environment for the staff to work. Congratulations Vickie on the well-deserved honor of Employee of the Year!” - Bryan McComb, Director of Golf

Vickie McGarry, Director of Merchandise, joined the Shadow Wood team in October 2018. Originally born in Michigan, Vickie moved with her family at a young age to Hawaii. After Hawaii, she settled in Florida and has been here with her husband Adam and their son Blake ever since.

Before joining the Shadow Wood team, Vickie's most recent role was the Merchandise Manager at West Bay Club. Prior to her position at West Bay, Vickie spent several years throughout SW Florida in a variety of merchandising positions. As a member of the Association of Golf Merchandisers for the past 15 Years, Vickie has held positions in merchandising including Lead Buyer, Merchandise Assistant Manager, Retail Manager, and Merchandise Manager.

Outside of work, Vickie enjoys going to the beach, traveling, and going to concerts. When asked what she wants to share with the membership, Vickie said she is so thankful to all of you for supporting the Golf Shop and the Club and that she has enjoyed getting to know you all over the past four years.

Vickie has been awarded Employee of the Month multiple times and now Employee of the Year!

Join us in congratulating Andrew and Vickie on their tremendous achievement when you see them at the Club!

Shadow Wood Golf Shop Ranked #3 by Club + Resort Business

In 2020, the Shadow Wood Country Club Board of Directors presented a plan to the members to build a brand-new Golf Shop. The vision included more than doubling the amount of existing retail space, creating a better arrival and check-in experience for members and guests, and relocating the shop to capitalize on the best exterior views and allow for better proximity to the Golf operations. The Members voted overwhelmingly in favor to approve this $2 million project, which would be completed without any additional costs to the Members.

In the Spring of 2021, construction began on the new 3,500 sq ft two-story octagonal structure, which also included golf administration offices, a covered bag drop & arrival area, and covered walkways connecting to the locker rooms in the existing Clubhouse. The architecture and interior design for the Golf Shop introduces abundant daylight in the space through large perimeter and clerestory windows for a more enjoyable shopping experience. The new Golf Shop overlooks the expansive golf practice facility and cart staging area.

The new Golf Shop opened in January 2022 and features unique retail opportunities that are unparalleled at most private clubs. In addition to member favorite golf brands, such as Peter Millar, Fairway & Greene, and Tail, the Shadow Wood Golf Shop also carries Tommy Bahama, Lilly Pulitzer, Gretchen Scott, Charleston Shoes, Enewton Jewelry, Yeti, and much more. It's a one-stop boutique style shopping experience featuring over 60 brands and styles for all!

Since the re-opening, the Golf Shop has seen a 30% increase in daily traffic. A 50% increase in overall inventory levels has been established in the new Golf Shop while the increase in categories of retail offerings has gone up to 20%. Following the completion of the new Golf Shop, membership sales hit a record high and the club maxed out the waiting list for golf members and had to create a waiting list for the waiting list.
Overall the new Golf Shop has completely transformed the golf experience, from arrival, to tournaments, and everything in between!


Shadow Wood Community Rises Together In Wake Of Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian made landfall on September 28th, 2022 just short of a Category 5 hurricane, bringing record wind and causing an estimated $67 billion in damages to Southwest Florida. By wind speed, Hurricane Ian was the fifth most powerful storm to ever hit the country.

The destruction of property and consumable goods left most of our community without power, shelter, and clean water. Members and employees immediately stepped in and provided help to our community, even as they too were recovering from significant storm damage to their homes. They organized Members from the Brooks to go to the Preserve to help the residents most affected as well as assist in whatever was needed at the time, generators, extra hands, warm food, and clean water.

Club employees assisted several residents who were foundering in the immediate aftermath of the storm. Every day, employees volunteered for hours after work at the Preserve, providing residents with help such as clearing debris from their homes. Brian Bartolec, Eric Ruha, and Phil Pellerito provided hands-on help clearing debris, pumping water from homes, and cutting down dangerous trees. Once power was restored to the main Clubhouse, Brian offered to deliver food and water to The Preserve Members.

The Shadow Wood Membership recognized that many of our employees were impacted by Hurricane Ian. Numerous members contacted the Board and management team asking how to help the employees who had been affected by the hurricane. Shadow Wood is grateful to the Members who generously contributed funds to assist our employees who suffered significant storm damage. To date, our Members have donated close to $250,000 to our employees!

The South Course and Tennis Courts opened on Monday, October 2nd, the Clubhouse reopened for lunch and dinner service on Tuesday, October 3rd, and the North Course opened on Friday, October 7th. Power was restored to the Preserve Clubhouse on Saturday, October 15th, and the Preserve Course and Clubhouse opened on Tuesday, October 18th.

Hurricane Ian Club Preparation

Shadow Wood employees prepared over 150 to-go turkey dinners and pizzas for members who were preparing for Hurricane Ian.

The team worked to secure the clubhouse, courts, and courses for storm impact by removing sail shades on the terrace, storing all Sunset Terrace furniture in the Lakeside room, preparing windscreens and tennis court fences, removing furniture from the terrace, securing patio furniture at the tennis courts, & emoving patio furniture at the Preserve.

Hurricane Ian Recovery

Employees were back to work on Friday, September 30th preparing the Club to reopen!

Employees not only showing excellence in helping at the Club but also helping Members and fellow coworkers at their homes.

Mr. & Mrs. Marcus raised money throughout the SWCC community and surprised our employees with a pizza party, cake, and cash to lift our team’s spirits after Hurricane Ian.

The Ultimate Guide to Your First Year of Membership:

Everything you need to know about the New Member Program at Shadow Wood

Once you join a club, you are eagerly anticipating getting involved and meeting people. It’s one of the top reasons someone joins a club! But sometimes it can be easier said than done.

Shadow Wood is committed to providing a welcoming experience from your first day of membership, and one way we accomplish this is by offering numerous New Member Events programs for you to get involved with.

The onboarding program includes a club orientation and a New Member Ambassador assignment. Then, all new members are invited to participate in an immersive New Member event schedule through their first full year of membership.

Who are “New Members”?

All members in their first year of joining are encouraged to attend as many new member events as they'd like throughout the season. We understand that sometimes the first year goes by too fast and you don’t get to participate as much as you’d like. There is plenty of flexibility in the program, so as long as you feel like a new member, you are encouraged to participate!

What Events are Offered?

Each year, the Membership Committee comes up with a schedule of events to fit the various needs and schedules of our new members. From Breakfast to Happy Hour, and Golf to Bocce, all new members are sure to find something (or many things!) they can enjoy.
New Member Coffee & Conversations -

Join fellow new members on the first Monday of every month in The Lounge for a chance to get to know each other in a casual setting. Coffee, tea, and pastries are available in a setting designed to encourage conversation and connections among the newest members of Shadow Wood.

Happy Hour Newcomers Corner -

Every Wednesday at Shadow Wood, Members come together for the social night of the week with a member mixer happy hour, buffet dinner with alternating themes, and live entertainment. On the second Wednesday of each month, new members are encouraged to gather on the sunset terrace in the “Newcomers Corner” to start the night with cocktails and a chance to make new friendships.

Breakfast Club -

The Breakfast Club was started several years ago by a New Member who wanted to bring people together in the community and it has continued on strong ever since. On the fourth Friday of the month, members are invited to gather for breakfast with a featured speaker who is relevant to our community. Past speakers have included the Mayor of Estero, the CEO of Lee Health Coconut Point, the SWCA or SWCC President, the Shadow Wood Charitable Foundation rep, and more. The table assignments are mixed up each time with the idea that each time you attend, you will have the opportunity to meet new people.

Bocce Clinic & Dinner -

Learn the basics of bocce with fellow new members. Play a round robin style bocce match, then meet for dinner & socializing in Lakeside.

New Member Mixer -

A special complimentary evening for new members in their first year to meet & greet with the Board & Management team. Chef attended food stations and cocktails are included.

9 & Dine -

Grab your clubs and tee off with new members on one of the three Shadow Wood Courses followed by a scoring party and dinner in Lakeside.


Any other advice?

Don’t forget your member name tag! All members have name tags in the lobby. These are not only great to help put names and faces together, but they also list your home town in hopes of creating easy ice breakers for conversation. We strongly recommend wearing your name tag at all new member events, and leaving them in the cabinets when you leave so they are there for your next social event!

Shadow Wood Patio Ranked Top 10 in Club & Resort Business

Shadow Wood was recognized as having one of the Top 10 patios in 2022 by Club & Resort Business Magazine!

Shadow Wood’s outdoor patio expands over 6,000 square feet, seats 188 comfortably, and has held as many as 300 for cocktail parties. Separated into 3 distinct but connecting areas, the patio space offers members everything from comfortable lounge seating, bar seating, dining tables, and seating around 6 fire pits. Weekly outdoor entertainment on the patio brings members together to enjoy the beautiful Southwest Florida weather while watching the colorful sunsets. From the west end of the patio, Members can watch golfers play the 18th hole of Shadow Wood’s South Golf Course or enjoy expansive views of the golf practice facilities from the south side. The patio was expanded in 2017 with the addition of the Bocce complex situated next to the outdoor bar, then again in 2019 in conjunction with a 10,000 sq ft casual dining expansion to connect the new outdoor areas. Due to the increasing popularity of the outdoor spaces, Shadow Wood is now in the process of building another outdoor area, which will be known as The Players Patio, opening Fall 2022. The new patio will be located on the East end of the building, adjacent to the Golf Shop and Locker Rooms, and will feature two fire pits and seat 120 members in both covered and uncovered spaces.

“So many of our members are seasonal and come to Southwest Florida to enjoy the beautiful winters here. Our goal was to provide a patio area for members to enjoy the weather in many different capacities that was more than just outdoor dining. There are numerous areas within our patio for the members to meet for cocktails after golf, watch a football game on Sunday, or enjoy live music by the firepits. The patio is the gathering spot at the club, and not only is it a popular venue for camaraderie within our membership, it also showcases the perfect glimpse into life at Shadow Wood for any prospective member who sees the energy and atmosphere on the patio.” - Danita Osborn, Director of Membership & Marketing

Click Here To Read On Club & Resort Business Magazine Article

Complete Clubhouse Transformation

Over the past few years, Shadow Wood Country Club has been evolving through a three-phase transformation process to completely renovate the club facilities. From style to functionality, no stone was left unturned! Recognized by both the Collier Building Industry Association (CBIA) and Golf Inc. Magazine as Best Renovated Clubhouse in 2020, Shadow Wood has set the standard for club renovations locally and nationally. 

The addition of the wildly popular Golfside Grill in 2019 was just the beginning. In the Summer of 2020, the west end of the clubhouse was completely remodeled along with the addition of a new covered outdoor dining venue, the Breezeway. The Clubroom, Center Court, Lakeside, hallways, and Main Lobby were all refurbished which brought new energy to the Clubhouse.

“Our intent was not to design just another club, but to transform the culture of the club by completely updating, not only the appearance of the club but its functions as well,” said AM Design Group principal architect/owner Adrian Karapici. “The leadership at Shadow Wood has been amazing. By them putting the trust into the design professionals, we were able to really shine at what we do and think creatively.”

The final phase of the clubhouse transformation was completed in 2021. The East end of the clubhouse renovations included refurbishing the ladies' locker room and ladies' card room, expanding the men’s lounge, converting the old golf shop into a multi-purpose room, the construction of a brand new 3,500 sq ft golf shop, and a redesigned bag drop and golf arrival area.

The ladies' locker and card rooms and new multi-purpose space, named the Sunrise Room, opened in December 2021, followed by the Golf Shop Ribbon cutting in January, and finally the men’s lounge expansion in February.

“The membership at Shadow Wood C.C. is ecstatic about our new buildings as well as our redesigned areas,” said Brian Bartolec, General Manager/Chief Operating Officer. “Watching the project unfold into what we had envisioned all along is so rewarding. AM Design Group delivered perfectly on all aspects of the project.”

Click here to read Shadow Wood Country Club's Transformation from Board Room Magazine

5 Questions to ask before you join a private club

Purchasing a private club membership, especially in a new geographical area which likely comes with a significant real estate investment, is a huge decision and should not be rushed into. It’s also a deeply personal decision, and requires buyers to understand what is most important to them and where those values align with each club they consider.

There are no right or wrong answers to any of these questions. But the answers to the questions below will help buyers make the most informed decision based on what is most important to each individual.

#1 What is the structure of the club?

There are several factors to consider here and each has pros and cons that you should weigh. First, bundled vs. non-bundled is probably the most important structure to consider. The answer to this will also help understand the current and maximum size of the membership, which you should be aware of, especially if playing golf several days per week is important to you. Beyond that, you should learn whether the members own the club or is it owned by a developer or company? Is there a management company involved or is it run by a Board of Directors comprised of and voted on by the members? An example of a difference between the two scenarios is that in a member-owned and managed club you will likely have more input in the future of your club, particularly in terms of renovations, projects and corresponding assessments while in a developer-owned and managed club, the decisions are typically made by, and therefore also subsidized by, the developer.

#2 What has the club done in the last few years, and what is it considering doing, in terms of renovations and enhancements?

You want to know that you are investing in a club that is willing to reinvest in itself. The club landscape is constantly evolving, and you will want to make sure you are joining a club that is committed to keeping up with the club trends and desires of both existing as well as new members to ensure that it remains competitive and sustainable long into the future. Of course, renovations and enhancements come with a price tag, and you should ask about the history of assessments (if any) and how the club intends on paying for future projects, whether it be through member assessments, capital reserves, developer/owner funds, etc.

#3 How will I get involved and meet people?

Once you have ironed out the more quantitative details, it is as important, if not more so, to be sure you’ve found a club that is a good fit for you personally. In my experience, every club has a unique personality and culture. You can line up amenities side-by-side to compare, but you also need to be sure that the club members match up to your own lifestyle and interests. First, inquire about the demographics of the club. What is the average age? If you’re looking at a retirement/destination club in Florida for example, do the majority of the members come from the Northeast, the Mid-West, etc.? Every club you are considering is likely to have a fantastic golf course, but how do new members get involved and find groups to play with? The members at your new club will absolutely make or break your experience so you need to know that (1) you’ll find people with similar interests and (2) you’ll be able to easily integrate yourself with those people to form genuine bonds and lasting friendships. Be sure to ask if you can experience the club with another member. The membership director can tell you all the best things about the club but playing a round of golf with another member will give you a much stronger feeling as to whether or not you can picture yourself as part of that environment.

#4 What is my exit strategy?

You might not be inclined to think about this when you’re excited about joining a club and starting a new adventure, but the reality is at some point you may find that you are not able to play golf anymore, or maybe you want to move to another part of the state or back up north. It’s crucial to know what your obligations are before you are in that situation. Every club is very different, and you should ask very specifically, “If and when I’m ready to resign my membership, what do I need to do?” Some clubs will require you to sell your home within the community to discontinue your membership. Some clubs require a certain number of new memberships to be sold for each membership that wants to resign. Other clubs will allow you to finish out the calendar year and then walk away after giving notice. With each scenario, you should also know whether or not you are eligible to receive a refund on your initial deposit. Again, each club’s policy will be different, and you’ll find clubs that offer everything from 100% refundable, to partially refundable, to non-refundable, each coming with a different set of terms.

#5 Why should I choose this club over another club?

Depending on when you ask this question, it might give you the most insightful information. I would recommend asking later in the process so the membership director has a chance to learn about your personality and interests. Ideally by then you should have done your initial research on the basics (locations, amenities, price, etc.) and narrowed it down to approximately two to five clubs. The membership director should be able to easily answer this question based on your individual interests and why that club meets your needs the best. In addition, he or she should be well educated on what’s available at the other area clubs you are also likely to be considering. In some cases, the membership director may realize that one of those other clubs would fit your needs and interests better, and that’s ok too. As stated above, not every club is right for every person. Most membership directors in that position would rather you find a good fit for you long term than sell you on their club if they believe it isn’t a good fit.

Ask me the questions!

As you can see, by asking the right questions you will learn a great deal about the club and its culture. After all, it is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. So, be sure to interview the club thoroughly before getting serious about an investment.

If you’re ready to learn more about Shadow Wood Country Club, reach out to me today to ask me these questions!

Danita Osborn, Director of Membership & Marketing
239-992-6000 or [email protected] 

2022 Legacy Invitationals

After a brief hiatus in 2021 due to covid, the premier golf invitational events of the year returned to Shadow Wood in March 2022. The 21st Annual Men’s & Ladies Legacy Invitationals were bigger and better than ever with more players, more golf, more food & drinks and more fun!

Ladies Legacy

106 teams of ladies made their way to the “Wild, Wild, West” and competed in two days of golf while enjoying time at “The Shadow Wood Saloon”. Competition took place on the North and South Courses with the ladies dressed in their best western apparel. Congratulations to the 1st overall net winners, Mrs. Monique Watters and her guest Mrs. Kathy Danch, and the 1st overall gross winners, Mrs. Jean VanVliet, and her guest, Mrs. Diane Chancellor.


Men’s Legacy

Then 182 teams of men came together for 6 nine hole matches over three days on all three Shadow Wood courses. The event started with a Men’s Stag Night and opening ceremony on the Sunset Terrace complimented by a bag pipe player and the 2020 defending champions hitting a ceremonial tee shot on the 18th hole of the South Course. A final shootout of flight winners on the South Course crowned our overall 2022 Men’s Legacy Champions, Mr. Brad McPherson and his guest Mr. Chuck McCall before the Legacy Gala event. Included in the 182 teams were 74 Father-Son duos competing in a second contest. Congratulations to the 2022 Men’s Legacy Father-Son Champions, Mr. Jim Engelhuber and his son, Mr. Richard Engelhuber.

Click here to watch highlight videos from the 2022 Legacy Events!

We look forward to welcoming guests back to the 2023 events at Shadow Wood for another year of incredible golf competition!
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